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I decided that when I returned home, I would visit Joplin’s home town in Port Arthur. It seemed appropriate, as well, to visit on Martin Luther King Day. Why? Because, even as a teenager, Janis was outspoken on racial integration, and this seemed a significant aspect of her character. Includes Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium voice samples) Shin Z (A hidden form that’s a callback to God/Ultimate Rugal in Capcom Vs. SNK 2) Zenka (Super Robot Wars, specifically Sanger Zonvolt and every Super Robot he pilots) Alpha (Super Robot Wars Alpha, specifically The Four Gods from the “RyuuOuKi Denki” manga) ‘Evil Doraemon’ (The character himself turned into a buff sinister SNK Boss with the voiceclips of Norio Wakamoto). Mistaken for Gay: Happens with a hard nosed hospital administrator who Mindy tries to kiss up to (pun intended) in order to get her clinic better hours at the hospital. Her gesture of showing this woman a night out on the town gets misinterpreted as a date, and of course Mindy tries to maintain the lie once she realizes. Which then doesn’t go over too well with the woman’s wife.

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