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Big “NO!”: Calvin does one after the planet selector fails to take him to Earth. Evil Calvin also does this when he’s sucked up by the Imaginator, turning into a Rapid Fire “No!”. Calvin does another one (after a Big “WHAT?!”) when he learns he has to go to school tomorrow. Big Red Button: Retro pushes one to activate a signal in Chapter 11. Big “SHUT UP!”: Retro does one to quiet the aliens down. Big “WHAT?!”: Calvin does one after Retro tells him that he’ll be tortured. It’s quickly subverted, though, because Calvin High Quality replica Bags didn’t actually hear what he was saying. Calvin does a straighter one after learning he has to go to school tomorrow, followed by a Big “NO!”. Black Belt in Origami: Calvin quotes the Trope Namer in Chapter 6. Blackmail: Evil Calvin plans to use the Planet Deteriorater to blackmail the planet into bowing down to Retro and Rupert. It’s even the title of Chapter 11! Blah Blah Blah: The narrator says this during a scene where Retro tries to quiet the aliens down. Book Ends: The very end of the movie is a line for line recreation of dialogue from the beginning of Can You Imagine That? (which, canonically, is the first installment in The Verse). Breath Weapon: The Spacers suck things into their mouths ala Kirby. Brick Joke: In Chapter 7, Evil Calvin complains about the quality of a certain vendor’s chocolate ice cream, planning to sue. Later, in Chapter 13, he asks Fake Mom and Fake Dad for some chocolate ice cream specifically better than the vendor’s. (He’s still planning to sue, too.) An early chapter has Sherman biting Socrates’ ear. In Chapter 13, Sherman responds to a disparaging remark of his with “Come closer so that I may bite you,” prompting Socrates to back away and rub his ear. Another early chapter has Calvin playing mock Jeopardy! with an alien. Much later, in Chapter 14, an alien responds to a question with “I’ll take weird creature for 500, please.” Bring It: Lampshaded. Evil Calvin: Bring it on.

I would like to see this same concept of tailgating parties brought to youth sports. The goal here isn’t todrink a lotof alcohol or to set up two separate parties. Instead, we should have one big party throughout the day centered around the field so that parents and families from all the teams can sit together and enhance the community we all live in. Certainly we know people and kids on each team so why are we all sitting on different sides of the field? We clearly want to cheer for our own kids and their team, but don’t we want to see the other kids in their class also succeed? Considering that most leagues around the country are recreational and are setup for the benefit of the kids, bringing parents and families together through tailgating parties can help alleviate much of the bad feelings that have tainted youth sports.

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