As opposed to his opponent who plays like he’s the Azadian

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Beware the Nice Ones: As always, the Culture’s hat, and in this book, it’s indicated by a scene at the end where Gurgeh realizes he plays like he’s the Culture. As opposed to his opponent who plays like he’s the Azadian Empire. While his Azadian opponent is consistently ruthless in his playing, Gurgeh’s style involves a generally less aggressive attitude, but when he comes up against an opponent that’s too smart to play him on his own terms, he has to play as the Culture Militant; geared up for war and ready to kick ass in the name of the greater good, with occasional bursts of ruthless sacrifice of his own pieces and relentlessly violent moves against his opponent. Israel does in fact have a President, but the office works very differently, and Presidents are also chosen by the Knesset. Artistic License Religion: In a rather awkward and contrived manner, with Zack’s (ex )girlfriend Nisa. Initially it’s only her skin color that’s a topic of debate (because of the possible repercussions for Peter’s campaign), but later she is mentioned to be the daughter of a Hamas sympathizing Muslim cleric, which rolls three separate unlikely scenarios into one.

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